No Tears

(ดนตรี) Em    G    D    C   

         Em        G            D    C                  
Don‘t I know it? Nobody has to say  
         Em     G                    D     C
I‘ve been lucky  Guess I was born that way  
            Em           G                  D      C
I thank my father, his absence has made me strong 
               Em     G                        D                         C
And I love my mother but she had troubles with God  No tears

                C                  D                    G                    C
* For the life that you‘ve led  You‘ve had angels in your head
   Am7                  B              Em D  G
   Did you hear them singing in the end
              C                       D                 G                              C
   All the things that you‘ve seen  All the things that could have been
         Am7            B               Em  D  G
   Well I‘ve been everything I want to be
               C     (    Am  C )        Am      Em
   So, no tears (no tears),  no tears for me

(ดนตรี)    G    D    C   

                      Em            G                   D    C
Yeah, I‘ve bathed in sunshine but cherished the fading light
                  Em           G                D    C
And I heard my heartbeat faulter on a winter‘s night
            Em       G                   D     C
I loved a woman but she didn‘t hear my prayers
     Em      G         D                C
So Lord, oh Lord, I‘m yours, No tears

(ซ้ำ *)

C                                 G      D
   Cause someone somewhere‘s going home tonight
C                             G   D
   Trying to understand the sacrifice
C                              G      Am
   So save your tears for those left behind

(ซ้ำ *)