When I fall in love

Intro  :   G  ฮู้ว์    Am7  F  Em7  Dm7  G 
              G   Am7   F  Em7  Dm7  G 

C                                  Am7
It‘s the coldest night, people passing by
          F             Em7       Dm7             G
You will be the one that light up my life
C                                          Am7
When you‘re close to me, make me feel alive
        F             Em7                 Dm7                      G
Like never before, when my whole world had died

                  Am                         Am+
*    Painful memories, lonely places 
           Am7                       Am6
I had been there a long time 
             F                             Em7
Now I found you, where I belong  
                Dm7                              G
My whole life will never be the same

                     C                                      Am7
**   When I fall in love with you, Anything is out of the blue
              F                                 Em7
In the dark night  There‘ll be sunlight
               Dm7                                             G
And you‘ll be the destiny that I‘m going to
               C                                             Am7
When I fall in love with you, Wishing dream is forever true
                     F                            Em7
Having you right here, face to face
           Dm7                                                     G
Let nobody else comes between me and you
When I fall in love

C                                   Am7
There will be no more, no more lonely night
      F               Em7                  Dm7                    G
I‘ll cry out no more, love has come ease the pain
C                                           Am7
Just to touch your hands, whispering your name
    F                Em7             Dm7               G
I can feel no pain, feel myself breath again 

(  ซ้ำ   *   ,   **   )