Happy Ending

Happy Ending

Intro     Bm G    D A    ( 2 times )

                    Bm                                G 
Let‘s talk this over  It‘s not like we‘re dead  
                   Dsus2  D                        Asus2        A 
Was it something I did?  Was it something You said?  
                         Bm                           G 
Don‘t leave me hanging  In a city so dead  
               Dsus2                   D            Asus2  A 
Held up so high  On such a breakable thread  

                   G                       A 
* You were all the things I thought I knew  
         G                             A 
   And I thought we could be  

                       G                D                       A 
** You were everything, everything that I wanted  
                     G                        D                            A 
     We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it  
                         G                    D                       A    Bm 
     And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away 
     Em                                                  G
     All this time you were pretending  So much for my happy ending  

Instru     Bm G    D A    ( 2 times )

                           Bm                                            G 
You‘ve got your dumb friends  I know what they say  
                          Dsus2          D       Asus2 A 
They tell you I‘m difficult  But so are they  
                          Bm                                       G 
But they don‘t know me  Do they even know you?
                          Dsus2                         D               Asus2  A 
All the things you hide from me  All the shit that you do  

( * , ** )

A                                                  G 
  It‘s nice to know that you were there  
Thanks for acting like you cared  
And making me feel like I was the only one  
A                                         Bm 
  It‘s nice to know we had it all  
Thanks for watching as I fall  
And letting me know we were done  
( ** , ** )

Outro     Bm G    D A    ( 3 times )