With You

With You 

  E                            Emaj7
***I need you boo, (oh) I gotta see you boo (hey)
And the heart‘s all over the world tonight,
Said the heart‘s all over the world tonight


E                                                           Emaj7
Hey! Little mama, Ooh, you‘re a stunner Hot little figure,
Yes, you‘re a winner And I‘m so glad to be yours,
You‘re a class all your own And
Oh, little cutie When you talk to me 
I swear the whole world stops You‘re my sweetheart
A                                              B
And I‘m so glad that you‘re mine You are one of a kind and   

  A                  B           G#m          A                           B
*You mean to me What I mean to you and Together baby,
              G#m                  A
There is nothing we won‘t do 
            A              B                           C#m          
‘Cause if I got you, I don‘t need money,I don‘t need cars,
 F#                   A  B
Girl, you‘re my all      And   

    E                                     B
**Oh! I‘m into you, And girl, No one else would do 
                    A                                   B
‘Cause with every kiss and every hug You make me fall in love 
               E                                      B
And now I know I can‘t be the only one,
I bet there heart‘s all over the world tonight,
With the love of their life who feels What I feel when I‘m   

With you [x5]
With you [x5]

Instru :   A B  G#m A  A B  A  

E                                    Emaj7
 I don‘t want nobody else  Without you, there‘s no one left and
 You‘re like Jordans on Saturday, 
 I gotta have you and I cannot wait now,
 E                                                                 Emaj7
Hey! Little shawty, Say you care for me,You know I care for you,
You know that I‘ll be true, You know that I won‘t lie,
You know that I would try, To be your everything, yeah 


Instu :   A B  G#m A  A B  E  

      A                              C#m                 B 
And I Will never try to deny, that you‘re my whole life,
               A                                      C#m       B
‘Cause if you ever let me go, I would die  So I won‘t front 
            A                      B
I don‘t need another woman,
            C#m                     F#                 A
I just need your all and nothing, ‘Cause if I got that,
Then I‘ll be straight
Baby, you‘re the best part of my day


Outro :   A B  G#m A  (3 times)  A B  E