Don,t Bother Me

Don,t Bother Me 

Intro :   D  Em  

                          Bm                  Am                 G  Em
Since she‘s been gone I want no one to talk to me
                  Bm                   Am                          G
It‘s not the same but I‘m to blame, It‘s plain to see
               Em                    A                          Em
So go away and leave me alone, Don‘t bother me
           Bm                             Am                    G  Em
I can‘t believe that she would leave me on my own
                   Bm                     Am              G
It‘s just not right when every night I‘m all alone

                   Em                      A                          Em
*I‘ve got no time for you right now, Don‘t bother me
                D                  Em                   D                Em
I know I‘ll never be the same, If I don‘t get her back again
                Bm                       Am        C              Em
Because I know she‘ll always be The only girl for me
                    Bm                             Am                  G Em
But till she‘s here please don‘t come near just stay away
                Bm                               Am                         G
I‘ll let you know when she‘s come home untill that the day
                  Em                     A                           Em
Don‘t come around leave me alone, Don‘t bother me

SOLO :   Bm  Am  G  Em  Bm  Am  G  

(ซ้ำ *)

                    Em  A 
Don‘t bother me    (Fade Out)