I Wanna Be With You

Cmaj7                             Bm7
I hear the raindrop falling at the window-pane 
Cmaj7                             G
  Every kiss from you it‘s driving me insane 
Cmaj7                                    Bm7   
Every night I wanna fell you‘re lying next to me 
Am7                               D7sus4 G
  I wanna hear you say you wanna be with me 
Cmaj7                                       Bm7
Every single light just show how beautiful you are 
Cmaj7                                       G
You‘re always with me doesn‘t matter if you‘re far 
Cmaj7                          Bm7
We‘re together one and one make one by two 
Am7                  D7sus4                     G
I want you to know I wanna be with you 

Instru :   Cmaj7  Gmaj7  (4 times)

Cmaj7                                     Bm7
When I look into your eyes my heart just stop to beat 
Cmaj7                                      G
Wanna fell your body I love to fell your body near 
Cmaj7                                          Bm7                        Am7
When I fell you‘re breathing I just have to close my eyes 
I know emotion never lie 
Cmaj7                                 Bm7
I wanna dance with you ‘till every single song 
Cmaj7                                     G
Walking next to you a millon miles can‘t be too long 
Cmaj7                                  Bm7
We belong together and you know it must be true 
Am7                             D7sus4                           G
‘cuz you wanna be with me and I wanna be with you