Make it right

Intro :   G  C  

When you say goodbye
I didn‘t know the reasons why
Oh it hurts inside
C                                            D                
You will never know cos I would never let it show
The pain I hide
But my world came down
         G                            F           G
Came crashing down and I need to know

* To tell me why oh why you break
                       Em                        G
The dreams we shared for ever and made it
              Am                     D 
Then just throw away and burn away
             F              G
In just through one night

** We can start by sharing our secret
           Em                G
Of our ways to try to make it
              Am        D                         F               Fm     C
Then we start say all the sayting that we can     make it right

Em                                           C          
Wipe your tears away there‘s no reason for us to shed it
Let it die
C                                    G                                          Em
No one needs to care the sad moments that we shared tonight
            Am                    D  
We can make it grow just let it show
     F           G
To prove us right


Instru :   C  Em  C  Em